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Yesterday was awesome.

I really loved that day. I don't know why. I needed to go to school because the lessons werevery important but I felt SO sick -.- I had a bad headache, high temperature and well I was very sick, that's why I stayed at home today again.
But my boyfriend visited me yesterday and we had a great time. I felt so happy and I don't know why but I almost forgot that I'm sick. I start to miss him more and more, I think I'm falling in love. He makes me happy and I know that I make him happy, too, which is just wonderful. I love that feeling. I hope that this will last for quite some time. (I don't want to say forever, I just don't think that this will happen anymore, thank you Ex-boyfriend.) But I still don't know what I could gift him for christmas... Oh how I hate presents...

Nevermind, I'm happy now, and I need to say this! I have a nice relationship, awesome friends and a wonderful family. please, someone make this last...
2.12.11 16:13


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