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I was at home today because I feel soooo sick -.- I really really hope it gets better until tomorrow because I have to go to school again! There's no way I could stay at home again so I just pray it will get better. I have to learn now, too. Oh how I hate school.

My boyfriend asked if I want to see him tomorrow and I (of course) said yes. Now we're thinking about things we could do because we don't want to sit at home all the time and watching tv or do things we always do like going for a walk with the dog or something like that. I still don't know what I should get him for christmas. I'll buy a DVD which I know he wants, but that's just not enough, the DVD is only like 6-7 euros and I think thats very impersonal.. I want to gift him a present that comes from the heart but well I don't know ._.

I have an other huge problem. My ex-boyfriend still doesn't know about my new relationship which is pretty good, because he would do some very bad things if he'd know that, but the bad thing about that is, that he still wants me back. 2 days ago he just asked if there's still a chance that I'd come back, but I said no. I said this soooo many times before, but he just never realized it. I feel very bad for pushing him away again and again and it's also very unfair to hide that I have a new boyfriend. I think it's right to keep that from him because he would just do some bad things but I would be sad if I knew that my boyfriend would do that.

Nevermind I'll just eat some soup and then go to bed to learn for school. Oh and clean my room D: Ahhh I forgot that my boyfriend comes tomorrow... My room is SO messy -.-

30.11.11 16:40


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