sunlight warms my face background

Ich tätoowier mir deinen Namen übers Herz -
mit Ankern, damit jeder weiß wo meins hingehört.
'N Leuchtturm daneben egal wie neblig es leitet mich,
Schwalben an den Hals das jeder sieht wie frei wir sind.

From now on I will start to post in english because I hope that my english will get better this way.

I'm listening to Casper now and I'm pretty sad. Today I saw my boyfriend at the train station. I was pretty shocked because I didn't knew he was there and I think I looked as if I didn't want to see him... But that's not true, I just needed to catch my train and he sat in an other train so that we had no chance to talk to each other.
I don't like - no I HATE the way he writes messages. I always think he's annoyed or angry or just hates me ._. I already told him that he should write with more smileys or just stop writing to me but he just goes on.

The last week was pretty okay. I spend the whole weekend with him and it was good. Not wonderful or awesome, just good. We had fun, but there were also some things that bother me and well I have to think about those things again.
Today was aweful, just like yesterday and the last part of sunday. I prepared some things for school which took me the whole evenings and today I missed my bus and afterwards (because of that) my train so that I had to wait half an hour to catch the next train. So I was home at 5 pm -.-
The next days will be like the last few days and I hate it. I HATE IT.
But at least I will meet my best friends tomorrow if I'm lucky. I need that, because I have no chance to see any of them on the weekend because I will have to learn maths.
Oh and I'm sick, I have a cold (I hope that's right).. I'll take some medicine now...

29.11.11 19:22


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